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to help you how to rise you children

Children’s education books are many and very diverse according to the writer’s style and method of education adopted in the book, as well as the age of the child.

How to raise children correctly is one of the important topics that concern all parents, and many writers and researchers are looking into it, and they always look at us with books of great value.

Today we will talk about the best books for raising children, whether printed or electronic.

The importance of parenting books

When raising your child, you must make sure that you get reliable information from someone who is already educating, and that you are always and always fully and comprehensively aware of what is new in the world of raising children.

Keeping pace with modern education has become necessary and important so that the child does not get distracted and confused, and so that his thinking does not get confused when he sees his colleagues being treated by their parents in a better way than he is.

Therefore, you should always read books on raising children and learn from them.

Today, we mention to you a list that includes the best books for raising children so that you are aware of the steps of the right path in raising your children.

List of the best parenting books

In the following list, we have collected the best books for raising children, and we have been keen to choose books of high educational value and reliable information.

  • The psychology of play
  • The book The Psychology of Play, written by Susanna Miller, is one of the best books on raising children throughout history, as it was published in 1987 AD, and it is now translated into Arabic.

    The book deals with a very important topic, which is the importance of play and entertainment in raising a child properly and soundly.

    The book emphasizes that play is not something secondary or of no value, but rather to play a very effective role in shaping the child’s personality and proper psychological development.

    The book deals in an entire chapter with the role of play and its importance in child psychotherapy.

  • The book of raising a child from birth to the age of five
  • As indicated by the name of the book, the writer Azmy Ahmed Damra deals with the most difficult and important period of upbringing, which is the first five years of a child’s life.

    The first 5 years are among the most difficult years of raising a child, as you instill most of the child’s values that shape his personality, develop his intelligence and skills, and enhance his social relations and feelings for those around him.

    Therefore, it is very important when you start planning to have a child or with the onset of pregnancy that you start reading the book, because it explains how to deal with the infant from its first moments in life and ways of raising and developing the child’s skills up to the age of 5 years.

  • The book of raising a child, arts and skills
  • Writer Yasser Mahmoud continued in that book what writer Ahmed Azmy started in the previous book.

    This book focuses on the child from the age of six, but it mainly focuses on the personality of the educator himself.

    The book emphasizes that parenting is a skill that parents acquire through their dealings with the child.

    This skill becomes heavier and increases with time, and the parents gain more experience while dealing with the child through personal experience or by implementing the advice of specialists in raising children.

    Of course, the situation is much better with the second child than with the first child, and so on.

  • Awaken the Genius in Your Child
  • In that book, translated into Arabic, its author emphasized that every child is a natural genius.

    The author, Shakuntala Devi, emphasizes the mother’s role in raising a distinguished or genius child and how to properly develop his skills.

    The book indicates that the mother needs to know that distinctive aspect of her child’s personality in order to help him reach and develop his latent genius.

  • A book on how to talk so that children listen to you and you listen to them when they talk
  • This book, by authors Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish, is very important in raising children and is translated into Arabic.

    In its many chapters, the book emphasizes that the mother’s relationship with her child is one of the most important human relationships in which there is an exchange of love, affection and discussion, and not just giving orders to the young and asking them to implement them.

    You must listen
    For your children when they talk to you about something and make them feel interested and not reduce their problems or their feelings about something.

  • The habit of anger in raising children
  • This book by author Karl Simmelroth is considered one of the best books for raising children, as it deals with the daily anger that parents pour out on their children and how that anger is transmitted to children and the extent of its impact on their personalities.

    Everyone suffers from the pressures of daily life, and this is the main reason why they behave nervously with their children.

    But then parents do not have the right to wonder about the reason behind the children’s nervousness and search for how to deal with the stubborn and troubled child.

  • Raising a Rebellious Child
  • If your child is stubborn and rebellious, then this makes you lose control quickly, and you may resort to violent and harsh methods of education.

    But be careful, you may increase your child’s stubbornness.

    So that book, by Philip Hall, focused on how to control a stubborn child and how to deal with him and control all aspects of his life.

    A stubborn child needs another kind of treatment in order to get the best out of him and the best of these methods is to strengthen the relationship of trust and friendship between you.

  • The Child Raising Book – 1100 Practical Tools
  • The book is a comprehensive guide to raising children, as it includes about 1,100 ways to raise children.

    The book, by Anne Backus, relies on the method of presenting daily problems that confront parents and then explaining ways to solve them, whether through the ancient methods of ancestors or through the opinions of specialists in the field of modern education.

    The book is considered one of the best practical parenting books, and it is translated into Arabic.

  • The book of the family and child rearing
  • One of Dr. Huda Al-Nashif’s books, in which she deals with how the family deals with the psychological aspect of the child.

    The book is one of the few books that touched on liters