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Terms of publication in Ishtar for Publishing and  Distribution:

• Approval of publication depends on the vision of the house, and on the committee specialized in evaluating the works morally, technically and financially.
The Department does not accept previously published works, whether on paper or electronically, or issued by another party, or agreed to be published with another party.
• Works translated from other languages, the approval of the publishing house that owns the original rights in the mother tongue of the work must be attached
• The writer sends his complete manuscript with a biography of the writer (if he has not sent it before) to the official mail of the institution
written to a Word file. (WhatsApp, Messenger, or email correspondence by gluing method is neglected)
• The text is presented to a specialized committee in order to evaluate the book and the possibility of printing it
• The author is officially notified of the committee’s decision one month after the date of sending his work.
• If the book is approved to be printed, the writer will be informed in order to make the necessary contracts.
• After the completion of the signing process, the preparation process for issuing the book begins.
• The material rights of the author and the mechanism for their payment are agreed upon with the author directly.
• If an apology is made by the publisher of printing, in this case the work is considered not compatible with the publishing priorities, for various reasons, including that the publisher considers the work to be unprofessional, or that the publisher has plans in publishing that differ from the submitted work, or perhaps because the publisher is unable to market the work submitted, or other reasons.