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About Ishtar House for Culture and Arts



Ashtar’s House is a Canadian media and cultural institution that is interested in Arab culture and arts that seeks to combine the Arab and Canadian cultures with the aim of the cultural exchange between the two societies.

The house includes three sections:

* Ashtar’s House for Publishing and Distribution: Ashtar House provides publishing and distribution services for Arab writers and translators who live in Canada and America, Ashtar aims to develop the translation business to enhance the importance of intellectual and cultural communication between the two cultures. 


Ashtar’s Bookstore: Ashtar’s Bookstore seeks to provide the most important and interesting Arabic books from the best publishing houses in the Arab world to the Arab families to keep them connected with their culture and language. 


The administration of Ishtar’s Library selects books very carefully to fit all ages. It delivers them to the Arabic reader in America and Canada at reasonable prices for all. It aims to provide the latest publications to keep up with the book market and the cultural movement in the Arab world.


Ashtar’s Blog: It is a cultural and intellectual blog that includes critical, analytical, articles and news about the cultural and intellectual movement in the Arab world and North America.

 It also includes the latest publications of Arabic international publishing houses and interviews with writers from the Arab countries and the world.

Ishtar Team

Khuloud Hadaq
Khuloud Hadaq
A writer and journalist, she worked in the written press, founder Ishtar House for Culture in Canada.
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